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Imunify360 supports the following languages in addition to default (en-US):

  • de-DE
  • es-ES
  • fr-FR
  • ja-JP
  • it-IT
  • tr-TR
  • nl-NL
  • ru-RU
  • pt-BR
  • zh-CN

How to perform a translation to your own language using our language file

Contact Imunify360 support to request the latest language file. The file is actually in JSON format, which values are the translation. We use this syntax to translate plurals and other dynamic content:


You can use it to provide translation for each plural case in your language:

You can use this tool to simplify the process:

Send the translated version to us and we will gladly include it in one of the nearest releases of Imunify360.

Captcha localization is described in the Captcha article.