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Restore_infected is a library written in Python 3. It allows to restore files from backups. It supports several backup backends. Each backend is represented as a plugin which uses a particular API to the backup server and provides a user with a common interface to restore individual files regardless of backup backend selected. In addition to the existing backends custom ones can be added.


If one of the files is infected with malware the library can also search for the last uninfected revision of this file in available backups and restore it. By default it uses imunify360-agent to detect infected files but a custom algorithm can be used instead.




From the figure one can see that the user of the library is supposed to reference it either using command line interface or calling library functions directly. The CLI supports interaction with the restore algorithm but not with the backend API. Restore algorithm doesn’t have a functionality to restore a file from any backup but is capable of restoring files infected with malware instead. It treats absent files as infected ones therefore restores the last revision of those.