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CloudLinux Licenses For WHMCS allows you to automatically provision CloudLinux, Imunify360, and KernelCare licenses along with selected products. You can provision them for free or as a paid add-on to your product. Owing to CloudLinux Licenses add-on, all module commands on your main product are automatically reproduced on the license product.


Admin Area Functionality


Create license

Terminate license

Suspend/Unsuspend license (only IP-based licenses)

Change license IP address

View license details


Client Area Functionality


View license details

Change license IP address


Addon Functionality


Manage relations between addon and license product

Manage relations between server and license product

Manage relations between configurable options and license product

Automatically add license product to order when relation is triggered

View existing license

Dependencies between module actions - every action: Create, Terminate, Suspend or Unsuspend called on the server product will result with the same action performed on the licensed products

Flexible filtering of existing licenses




Multi-Language Support – only provisioning module

Supports CloudLinux, KernelCare and Imunify360 Licenses

Supports WHMCS V6 and later