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Link Add-ons Directly

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[for WHMCS 7.2.x and later]


WHMCS 7.2 introduces the ability to associate Product Add-ons with Provisioning Modules.


In order to allow your client to decide whether he wants to order server with or without license we will use product addon. Below we will show you what steps to proceed to prepare such connection:


1.Go to Setup → Products/Services → Products Add-ons and click Add New Add-on.

2.Fill add-on name, set up billing cycle and price. Then tick Show on Order checkbox, assign add-on to product.

3.Go to the Module Settings tab and select CloudLinux Licenses from Module Name drop-down.

4.Fill Username and Password with your CloudLinux API access (API secret key) details and select desired license type from License Type drop-down. Click Save Changes to confirm.




Fig 7: Configuration of product add-on with Provisioning Modules.