KernelCare Integration

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KernelCare Integration

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Imunify360 has KernelCare KernelCare integration. To install KernelCare go to the Settings tab and click Install KernelCare.




To observe current KernelCare status in the Imunify360 main menu choose KernelCare tab.


Here you can check:


Effective Kernel Version - version of the kernel that KernelCare enable on the server

Real Kernel Version - real version of the kernel.

Update mode - auto updated mode On or Off.

Uptime - uptime of the kernel in days.


To disable auto update mode toggle the Update mode switch to No.





Note. If you have KernelCare license(s) on the same server(s), then cancel this license in CLN because KernelCare will be free for that server. If you do not know how to cancel licenses then follow this link for details.


Note. KernelCare tab can load slowly on a highly loaded system.


Read more about KernelCare on the link.