Disabled Rules

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Disabled Rules

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Go to Settings page and choose Disabled rules. This page allows user to manage disabled rules which have already been added.


Note. You can also add a new rule to the Disabled rules list on Incidents page.


The list of disabled rules contains:


Rule ID —  ID number of the rule provided by the plugin;

Plugin —  the name of the firewall plugin of the added rule;

Description — rule description or details of the rule from ModSecurity or OSSEC;

Domains —  the list of the domains for which the rule is disabled (blank field means all domains).


To add a new rule click Add Rule button.




In the pop-up specify the following:


Rule ID — ID provided by firewall plugin;

Select firewall plugin from the drop-down (ossec for OSSEC, modsec for ModSecurity);

Description — rule  description or details from ModSecurity or OSSEC;

Domains — this option is available only for modsec firewall plugin. Specify comma-separated list of domains for which this rule will be disabled. Leave empty to disable for all domains.

Click Add Rule to add rule to the list or Cancel to close the pop-up.




To edit the list of domains where the rule should be disabled, click edit icon in the row of the rule and enter domains registered on the server separated by comma.


Note. It is possible to specify domains only for ModSecurity rules. For OSSEC rules it is always applies to all domains.




To remove the rule from disabled list click Enable and confirm action in the pop-up.