Imunify360 User Interface

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Imunify360 User Interface

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Imunify360 dashboard is available directly within your control panel*. It displays all the security events and the latest incidents updated every 30 seconds. It allows filtering and selecting events based on various parameters, reviewing the details of the incidents, managing White, Gray, and Black lists, Blocked ports and configuring settings.


*Note. cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin are supported at the moment. Standalone version are coming soon.


Log in to WHM as an admin and go to Plugins, choose Imunify360 to get to the Imunify360 user interface.


It allows to access:

Support - allows you to contact our support team directly from your Imunify360 User Interface


Incidents - the list of all suspicious activity on the server.


Firewall - a dashboard of Black, White, Gray lists and Blocked ports with the ability to manage them.


Malware Scanner - real-time file scanner.


Proactive Defense - a unique Imunify360 feature that can prevent malicious activity through PHP scripts


Reputation Management -  analyzing and notifying tool intended to inform about websites blocking and blacklisting.


KernelCare - KernelCare current state.


Imunify360 Settings - configuring and controlling Imunify360 options.