Using Particular Backends

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Using Particular Backends

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Setting up Backup Server


First you need to obtain the packages. Several ways of doing it is covered in R1Soft’s documentation.

Next, install the following packages on the server machine (R1Soft provides rpm and deb versions):








After the installation use the following command to set username and password for the server's web interface:


serverbackup-setup --user <username> --pass <password>


Start/restart the server using the following command:


systemctl restart cdp-server




/etc/init.d/cdp-server restart



The web interface should be available shortly after that (the default port is 80). If you'd like to set a different port for the web interface refer to the output of


serverbackup-setup --help


to see the list of available options.


If the web interface is not responding, you can check the logs to figure out the problem. The logs can be found in the following file after cdp-server is started:





Installing Backup Agent


For now backup-utils require encryption to be enabled since R1Soft backup's API does not support unencrypted backups yet.




Automatic Installation


Agent installation can be done automatically through the web-interface of the backup server. It requires you to have access to the backup server's web interface and know root password for the agent machine, otherwise skip this step and see Manual Installation.

To install and setup the agent automatically, log in to the backup server's web-interface and choose Protected Machines → New Machine. Fill in the required fields and on the bottom of the page tick checkbox Deploy agent software now and provide superuser credentials. In most cases web interface of the server will not provide enough information if an error occurs. Refer to the log file mentioned above if it happens.


Manual Installation


Manual installation is done from the agent machine. Obtain the packages. Install the following ones:






The agent software is now installed.


Setting up Backup Agent


If you have successfully performed automatic installation then the configuration of the agent was done automatically.

If you have installed agent software manually, execute the following command on the agent machine:


serverbackup-setup --get-key http://<backup_server_ip>:<backup_server_port>


You can also examine the output of


serverbackup-setup --help


for the list of additional settings.


Log in to the web interface of the server choose Protected Machines → New Machine and fill in the corresponding fields. In case of any errors, the detailed information can usually be found in the server's log file.


init() parameters


The init() function from the backup-utils package has four arguments, all of which are mandatory.

ip is the ip address of the backup server;

username and password are credentials for the backup server's web interface. During the initialization they are exchanged for the login token and are not saved on the agent machine;

encryption_key is a password for the backup.