Installation and Configuration

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Installation and Configuration

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In this section we will show you how to set up our products.




Download CloudLinux Licenses For WHMCS:


Upload archive to your WHMCS root folder and extract it. Files should automatically jump into their places.


Configuration of Product


Log into your WHMCS admin area and go to Setup → Products/Services → Products/Services. Click Create a New Group.


Fill Product Group Name (product group will be visible under that name in your WHMCS system) and click Save Changes.


Click Create a New Product.  Choose Other from Product Type drop-down menu and previously created product group from Product Group drop-down menu. Fill Product Name and click Continue.


Set up this product as hidden through marking Hidden checkbox at Details tab.


Do not set up pricing for this product, it will be done in another way.


Go to the Module Settings tab and select CloudLinux Licenses from Module Name drop-down.


Fill Username and Password with your CloudLinux API access details and select desired license type from License Type drop-down. Click Save Changes to confirm.


Configuration of Addon


Proceed to Setup → Addon Modules, find CloudLinux Licenses Addon and click Activate next to it.


The next step is permitting access to this module. Click Configure, select admin roles and confirm by clicking Save Changes.



Fig 1: CloudLinux License For WHMCS provisioning module configuration.




Fig 2: CloudLinux License For WHMCS addon module main page.