Imunify360 Key Licenses

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Imunify360 Key Licenses

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To set Imunify360 Key license, while adding service, in Module Settings:


choose Imunify360 in License Type drop-down menu;


mark Use Key (instead of IP address) checkbox;


enter IP registration token (API secret key) from Profile page in CLN;


in Max Users field enter the number of user per server needed;


in Key Limit field enter the number of servers needed and click Save Changes;



Fig 23: Imunify360 Product settings.


the License Key Custom Field will be automatically added (the same as described in KernelCare Key Licenses section of this Manual);


the License Key Custom Field is displayed while editing service.


To edit service:


when Service Created Successfully message appears, you can edit Service;


enter all proper information and settings and click Save Changes;


Fig 24: Imunify360 Service settings.