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Imunify360 pricing depends on the registered users on the installed server:


For cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin hosting panels it calculates the number of users in it, excluding system users.


For standalone installation, it calculates users with UID equal or more than 500 in CentOS 6 and UID equal or more than 1000 in CentOS 7.


The pricing model of Imunify360 includes 4 types of server licenses which are billed monthly per one server license:


1.Single user - good for servers with only one user in the system.

2.Up to 30 users -  good for servers with users quantity less than 30 or equal.

3.Up to 250 users - good for servers with users quantity less than 250 or equal.

4.Unlimited - good for servers with users quantity more than 250.


You can change server license for each server in your CloudLinux Network (CLN) account. If you don’t have CloudLinux Network account, please fill out the simple registration form to create it on


The following actions with the licenses are available:


Adding server licenses.

Removing server licenses.

Removing servers.


Note that in your CLN account you will see the licenses purchased directly from CloudLinux Network, not from the resellers.


How to add server licenses:


1. Choose License in the main menu and then click +Add More Licenses to get to the shopping cart.




2. In the shopping cart choose how many server licenses you need for each type and click Checkout.



3. Choose your payment method (Credit card or PayPal), enter credit card or PayPal information and click Update. If all the information is correct, you will be able to immediately purchase licenses.


How to remove server licenses:


It is possible to delete only unused server licenses (for example, if you have purchased 10 licenses but have registered only 7 servers, then 3 server licenses are unused and you can delete them).


1. Choose Licenses in the main menu and then click Remove Unused Licenses.




2. Confirm action in the pop-up and unused server licenses will be deleted.


How to remove servers:


1. Choose Servers in the menu to get to the Servers page and choose Imunify360 tab.



2. Choose a proper license type in the table and click Manage servers in Operations column.




3. Click Remove in the Operations column of the server and confirm your action in a pop-up window.


removing server